Cacao de Origen Bagre

Altitude: 34 masl
Harvest Seasons: Oct – Jan

Single Origin BAGRE


Amidst traditionally mining territories, Asobosques stands out, an association that brings together cocoa producers from the territory of Bagre, Antioquia. This land has an altitude of 50 meters above sea level.

In this territory, you can find the Cauca River, the second most important river in Colombia, alongside other tributary rivers. Therefore, Bagre has a warm and humid climate and a fertile and rich land, perfect for agriculture.

In the middle of the armed conflict, Asobosques’ producers managed to bravely continue their crops and improve the quality of their grains to such an extent to be winners of the third place in Best Chocolate Bar of Colombia –Chocoshow 2018. This is a recognition, not only to the quality of their bean, but also to the persistence to achieve their goals. Bagre beans, as well as cocoa beans, are considered one of the key products for rural development in conflict zones, thus being a crop for peace.

The cocoa culture contributes to maintaining the landscapes diverse and unspoilt.


Bajo Cauca


49913 inhabitants



Distance to Medellín

7 h 32 min ( 359 km)

Varietals – Trinitario – Criollo


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