Our impact- A better world

Make a positive impact with every bite. Join our mission to create a better future, one chocolate at a time.

Fair Trade

We source our cocoa from Colombia, working closely with producers whose love and passion for the craft are driving out illicit crops and inspiring a vision of hope and change. Our direct trade with farmers means you enjoy chocolates directly from their beans to your heart.

Regenerative agriculture

Colombia is known for its wonderful cocoa-bean-growing regions characterized by optimal agro-ecological conditions. The fine cocoa aroma combines with fruit flavors to add an exotic and tropical touch. Our cacao crops help conserve ecosystems and restore forests. With Colombia’s sustainable agroforestry and regenerative agriculture—and with deforestation initiatives worldwide—we are contributing to real progress that can save our planet.

Crops = more sustainable landscapes


Our products are certified for being made with organic ingredients.

Create delicious + organic products.

Indulge in pure and organic chocolate goodness.


For Color Cacao, transparency is key, from beginning to the end. The consumer knows where the cocoa comes from and what is behind the chocolates they love.

Handmade and crafted

in Medellin, Colombia

Our chocolates are crafted by talented women made from local ingredients, to give a taste of Colombia to our consumers.

Colombian cacao, transformed into a unique flavor experience.


Personalize your chocolate, personalize your experience.

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