About us

We are Color Cacao

We draw on our European gastronomic experience to get the best out of the finest cocoa produced by Colombian small holder farmers to offer you a unique experience in aroma, taste, and texture.

Our story

Color Cacao was born out of the need to bring the latest trends in chocolate making, both in flavor and design, to Colombia. Our manufacturing crafting techniques start with a meticulous selection of raw materials with the aim of achieving a final product of excellent quality.

Our philosophy

  • Transform our passion for Colombian cacao and the human values we put into our chocolate into an exotic and memorable experience.
  • Colombian roots and exotism, positive impact on the lives of various actors in the supply chain and sustainability are our main pillars
  • We´re proud to be: Organic, FairTrade, Kosher, Sustainable

Our team


Empowering women, empowering communities.

Our employees are women, mostly single mothers. Every chocolate is a testament to their empowerment and all the effort and love they put into their work. These talented chocolate makers love all the goodness they share in bringing you the best in craft chocolate. They transform good cocoa from the colorful nature of Colombia into chocolate that takes you on an exotic journey.

Color Cacao International

We want Color Cacao to have an increasingly renowned reputation abroad, just like Colombian cocoa at the international level.

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